About Us

Helping to facilitate growth and prosperity of Jamaican entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals.


Our vision is the growth and prosperity of Jamaican entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals through increased access, greater empowerment and a stronger voice.


  1. To help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their businesses.
  2. To assist professionals in advancing their careers or start their own businesses.
  3. To ultimately build a more connected, engaged, and successful business community among Jamaicans in metro Atlanta and the wider community.

Core Principles











Our Story

The Jamaican Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta, Inc. “JamCham” was founded in May 2014, as a result of a recommendation by an exploratory committee established by the Atlanta Jamaican Association, Inc. (AJA) which had a 2014 goal to provide support for the financial endeavors of the Jamaican community. 

There were 22 founding members made up of community leaders, business owners, business professionals, and members of the AJA, and with the full support of Jamaica’s Consul General to Miami, responsible for consular affairs in 13 States of the Southern USA, as well as Bahamas and the Cayman Islands.

Honorable Patrons

  • Hon. Franz Hall,
  • Jamaican Consul General to Miami
  • Hon. Jewel Scott, Esq.,
  • Jamaican Honorary Consul at Atlanta

Founding Corporate/Government Sponsors

  • Atlanta Hartsfield Airport
  • Aroma Ridge, Coffee Distributors
  • Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café & Upscale Lounge

Board of Directors

Consul general
Oliver Mair


Dr. David Panton


Suzette Arnold


Executive Vice President
Barry Bennett


Interim Treasurer
Ron Escoffery


Sonia Fears


General Counsel 
Safiya Byars


Mark Jennings
PATRON Honorary Counsul 
Dr. Elaine Bryan


Ian Laing
Allan Stewart
Karl Chambers
David Esmie
Phillip Grant
Bindley Sangster
Ex-Officio Officer
Dr. Glen Laman
(Ex-Officio Officer)
Sandra Gammon

Board Committees


The Organization Committee focuses on Regulatory compliance, 501 (c) 6, legal affairs, and bylaws & policy.


Ethics and Contract Negotiations

The Ethics and Contract Negotiations Committee focuses on two separate issues. The first is the Ethical obligations of our organization by laying out a strategy for preventing harm and dealing with ethical situations. The second are the contractual obligations of contract negotiations, maintaining administration and project management activities for contracts for specialized goods and services for the benefit of JamCham and member services.


The Finance Committee provides financial oversight for JamCham.


Operations Committees / Units


The Membership Committee focuses on representing and serving JamCham members.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnership Committee focuses on ways to attract the support and partnerships needed to meet JamCham’s goals

Public Policy

The Public Policy Committee monitors, recommends and advocates public policy positions supported by JamCham and its members

Marketing & Promotions

The Marketing & Promotions Committee develops, markets and promotes JamCham’s products and services.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of a broad range of public relations activities such as community news, events and opportunities.


Financial Controller

The Financial Controller is responsible for Accounting, Internal Audit and Tax reporting for JamCham.

Founding Board of Directors and their Affiliations at the time

Mr. Allan Stewart, President, Atlanta Jamaica Association / President Food Solutions, Inc.

Mr. Astley Leslie, Former regional Labor Administration Advisor to the Caribbean region / Director of the Caribbean Labor Administration Center, Barbados/ Former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor (Jamaica) / Former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Social security (Jamaica) / Representative – Atlanta Jamaica Association

Mr. Barry Bennett, PE, President, Topical Sports Club / President, Metals & Materials Engineers LLC

Mr. Christopher Stewart, Mortgage Loan Officer, Semper Home Loans

Dr. David Panton, Partner & Co-Founder, Navigation Capital Partners / Chairman, Panton Capital Holdings Group, LLC, Private Equity Investments

Ms. Elizabeth Powell-Jackson, MBA, Paralegal

Hon. Franz Hall, Jamaican Consul General to Miami

Dr. Glen Laman, Author of “Jamaican Entrepreneurship” / Certified Project Manager

Dr. Headley Scott, Successful Businessman and Entrepreneur

Dr. Janice Barrow, President & Managing Professor, Ducere Ars, LLC / Associate Professor of Finance, Kennesaw State University

Mr. Jason Halliburton, Principal-Public Relations & Communications, Halliburton Group

Dr. Jennifer Barker, CPC, Coach / Trainer / Mentor / EFT Practitioner, Jenik Vibrant Futures, Inc.

Hon. Jewel Scott, Esq., Jamaican Honorary Consul at Atlanta/ Attorney, Scott & Turner Law Group, LLC

Mr. Karl Chambers, President, Integrity Children’s Fund/ President / CEO, Diligent eSecurity International

Mr. Michael Thomas, CEO & Multicultural Project Manager, Infiniti Global Media and Caribbean Media Network

Ms. Nicole Birch, Esq., Managing Attorney, HB Associates, P.C.

Mr. Percival Griffiths, Strategic Sourcing, Georgia State Government/ Former Director of License and Permits, Office of the Contractor General (OCG), Jamaica

Mrs. Sybil Leslie, Educator, Author and Found of The Sugar Canes – a Jamaican folk singing group/ Chair, Atlanta Jamaica Association – Cultural Committee

Ms. Sylvia McClure, CEO / Founder at Connectivity Financial Partners, Inc.

Ms. Sylvia Ricketts, Educator / Representative – Atlanta Jamaican Association, Inc.

Ms. Yana Lee-Fong, Associate Director of International Marketing, Mosaica Education, Inc.

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