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Benefits of Membership

Through membership in the JamCham, you will have the opportunity to have Access, Voice and Empowerment as you gain exposure for your business, and take advantage of the many business services and opportunities provide.

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Six compelling reasons why your business should become a member of JAMCHAM.

First – Relationships:

This isn’t just about networking — this is about gaining friendships, associates and even advocates for your business. The people you get to know may or may not do business with you, but the social and emotional return in building meaningful, lasting relationships can even be more meaningful than the financial return you seek.

Second – Visibility

The age-old adage applies here, “out of sight, out of mind.” While many companies are looking to be seen in the cyber world and are doing a very good job of it, nothing sells your business better than being in front of people, face to face, business to business. Business is so much more than a simple transaction; whether in Jamaica or Atlanta, business is rooted in relationships and a client is much more likely to buy when they know you personally, and have seen you regularly participating in non-business-transaction roles. JAMCHAM provides you many such settings to meet friends and associates so that you will be top of mind when they or someone they know is looking for your product or service. Remember – “out of sight, out of mind”.

Third – Promotion

JAMCHAM offers a wide-range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Beyond the paid advertising options, JAMCHAM also has ways to provide additional business promotion for free through periodic recognition such as tonight’s awards, social media and regular website postings that showcase the various milestones of our members; JAMCHAM is always looking for member-related news to share with the community.

Fourth – Community Connection

Your business and its employees are very much a part of the local economy. JAMCHAM is a not-for-profit organization with a sole purpose and strong desire to uplift your business, which in turn, boost the Atlanta and Georgia economies. At JAMCHAM, we work hard, and very closely with local and state governments to provide a representative business voice when you need it. Participating in JAMCHAM will provide your business with a voice to express your legislative points of view – directly to legislatures.

Fifth – Ongoing Training & Education

Especially for companies that do not have a large training budget, bringing in experts is out of the question. JAMCHAM provides an inexpensive way to bridge that gap between no training and subject-matter-expert training. By joining JAMCHAM, as the leader of your organization, you are essentially enrolled in a continuing education course in business management provided through JAMCHAM — you simply need to become an active and participating member.

Sixth – Programs and Events

What other Atlanta business function could assemble such a large gathering, of the right business associates, in the right place? Other JAMCHAM events include business-training luncheons, networking specific events, and a business Expo in the near future.

All of these events are designed to build your business in some way, whether through training, promotion, networking or community service. Research actually shows that a major part of small business typically comes from business-to-business services. So participating in JAMCHAM as a small (or large) business is an easy way to increase local visibility, build credibility, and expand your contacts.

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$ 100 /yr

For Individual Members

Non-Profit Organization


$ 100 /yr

For Non-Profit Organizations

Small Business


$ 250 /yr

10 Employees or Less

Medium Business


$ 500 /yr

From 11 to 100 Employees

Big Business


$ 1000 /yr

Over 100 Employees

Government & Agency


$ 1000 /yr

For Government and Other Agencies

By applying for membership in the Jamaican Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta, Inc., You agree and understand that membership will be renewed annually unless you provide a written notice 90 days prior to the renewal date.